Luris - The Card Game

Engaging and fast-paced, easy to learn and hard to master

What is Luris?

Luris is a new strategy card game created by Jim Westergren.

The idea for Luris was born on the fine evening of 16th September 2023. It was inspired by Alvin's love for bluffing and Jim's longstanding desire to create a strategy game with a card placement mechanic. Jim was determined to design the game with these principles:

Jim spent just an hour before bedtime to draft the initial rules, and another hour the next morning to playtest and refine them with the keen insights of his brilliant son, Alvin. Further playtests brought about only minor tweaks.

Jim claims that the game is very very good, but how do you know if a game is good?

The True Test of a Great Game

Do players repeatedly choose and want to play it, even when presented with other options?

With Luris, the answer is a resounding yes.

Behind the Name

In the initial days of the game, it didn't have a name. The title "Luris" emerged organically, thanks to Jim's 6-year-old daughter Astrid. During gameplay, she frequently used the term— a playful twist on the Swedish verb "lura", meaning "to trick" or "deceive". She transformed it into a cute noun, alluding to a little trick or bluff. While not part of standard Swedish, children's playful linguistic inventions often leave a lasting impact.

How to Play

Head over to the Rules page with the simple rules.