Luris - The Card Game

Engaging and fast-paced, easy to learn and hard to master

My Other Games

Be sure to check out these other games also created by Jim Westergren:

Advinsula - The Adventure Island MMO RPG

Advinsula is a free, immersive and simple browser game that anyone can play in their mobile phone. It only requires fifteen minutes per day. Enter your email to place yourself in the queue.

CLESTO - The Jungle Chess Game

A 2 player strategy board game with a play time of around 10-20 minutes. More simple and more fun than chess. It is based on the more than 100 year old "Dou Shou Qi". Easy to learn, hard to master.


Thrilling strategy card game for 2-3 players using normal cards. Every action is an interesting decision. Easy to learn, hard to master. Based on Classic Canasta from 1939 with a number of improvements and less than half the rules.

The Space War Card Game

A new fast-paced strategic 2 player card game. All cards included directly for free. The game is played the same offline or online in the browser (desktop, tablet or phone). No booster packs, no RNG cards, no dead cards and no resource cards. Choose between 3 preset decks or mix the cards and make your own deck.

5 Color Mirror

Magic the Gathering from 1994 reimagined. A creation based on an imagination of how the game of Magic card game could look like in 1994 if it would be designed to be more similar to a stand alone board game. Focus on thinking and skill, less focus on luck. No pay-to-win. An old school magic battle box format. Another magic old school format I created is Budget 100.

Race to Chicago (prototype)

A financial board game for 2-5 players, 60-90 minutes with no luck factor. It has worker placement, deck building, blind auctions and a race. Uses cards but no shuffling. Stocks and money. Offers many interesting choices to the players but still manages to have easy rules.


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